Zoey's Strawberry Patch Bowtique

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Zoey's Strawberry Patch Bowtique

Bow Carousel



 Parts List. All parts purchased from Lowes in April 2018.

 1-1/4-in x 60-in 150-PSI Threaded Galvanized Pipe
Item #: 24076
Model #: 10722
Qty Needed: 1
Unit Price: $30.89

1-1/4-in dia Galvanized Floor Flange Fittings
Item #: 22443
Model #: 61006
Qty Needed: 2
Unit Price: $13.46

23/32-in Common Pine Sanded Plywood, Application as 2 x 2
Item #: 7709
Model # 199340
Qty Needed: 1
Unit Price: $9.92

1-in X 18-in x 1-1/2-ft Radius Edge Pine Board
Item #: 1016
Model #: R 1X18 SGPNL
Qty Needed: 2
Unit Price: $9.87

Phillips Head #10 3/4-IN 10-CT
Item #: 57239
Model #: 605018
Qty Needed: 2
Unit Price: $1.15

Lazy Susan Swivel Plate 12in
Item #: 383405
Model #: BP548812
Qty Needed: 1
Unit Price: $8.97


Bow Carousel Instructions
Place the lazy Susan (swivel) on the base(bottom board 2x2). The swivel has two ring tiers. The inner tier is flush with the base and will be used to secure the swivel to the base. The top ring is used for the round board which will be attached to the spinning part of the carousel.

With the swivel on the base, use a pen/pencil to mark the holes for the bottom base. With the swivel still on the base mark on the base at least one of the top board holes also. Set the base aside. Take the board which will attach to the top of the swivel and flip upside down, flip your swivel upside down also and mark the holes.

Before you screw the swivel to the base, find the additional hole you marked on the base for the top and drill a hole all the way through.

Attach(with screws) the swivel to the base. Flip the whole thing over so that you are staring at the underside of the base, the side that will eventually be on the floor. Using the hole you drilled all the way through, line up the hole in the swivel plate with the mark you made on the top plate use a screwdriver or drill to attach the swivel to the top plate. Spin the swivel and the top board and continue attaching(with screws) the swivel to the top plate using the hole in the base.

Lazy Susan install video (Disclaimer: Not my video)

Attach the floor flanges and post.

Attach ribbon with staple gun

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