Zoey's Strawberry Patch Bowtique

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Zoey's Strawberry Patch Bowtique

Brand Rep Search

To enter, please read the rules below and follow the link below to submit your application.

Reps are selected for 3 month terms (Jan-Mar, Apr-Jun, Jul-Sep, Oct-Dec)

1. Purchase a minimum number of products each month to actively promote ZSPB.

2. Post pictures of your rep wearing our products on social media. Your post should include your rep code and our on appropriate platforms the hashtag(s)
#zoeysspb, #zoeysstrawberrypatchbowtique and any others you may come up with!

Where should I rep?

a. Your Facebook
b. ZSPB Facebook page/group
c. Other related Facebook pages/groups
d. Instagram, etc.
e. Don't forget about the real world friends, family, coworkers and the public that you interact with daily

1. Reps receive a 15% code they can apply to their own orders and should be shared

2. You will receive $2 in store credit each time your code is used by another customer. At the end of each rep term month, I will send you one discount code that is equal to number of orders that used your code. I try to do the right thing and at least send you a $10 discount code each month regardless of how many times your code is used. The exception to that rule is if I don't see you in our Facebook group or Instagram doing your best to rep then no reward will be issued for that month. I believe in rewarding those who try. Period.

Example: if your code is used 6 times in a month you will receive a $12 discount code.

3. In addition to all other benefits, any brand rep who's brand rep code is used to complete 25 orders in the brand rep term will receive 4 free bows of their choosing. (2 custom bows with centers, 2 custom without centers)

*Disclaimer: Again: Failure to meet rep obligations for the month will forfeit any rep benefits for that month.

If you enter this term and are not selected please don’t get discouraged, there will be another search after this term and I encourage you to enter again.

By entering you have agreed to all terms required during your term as a brand rep. I understand life happens, if you are unable to meet your rep obligations, reach out to me. Failure to meet your obligations, and NOT correspond with me, may disqualify you from being selected in future rep terms.